Monday, March 23, 2009

I'm baaaaaaack

I found this after logging on in order to see a friend's account. I'd forgotten all about rivertothesea, started a new blog and then ran into it. Now I've got them connected with the new account so here goes:

This title came from a couple of facts. One, my first email account was When I dropped that I had so many friends who knew me by riverwoman that when one particularly dear friend asked me not to drop it, I used it with my new email account and continue to have an account with riverwoman attached to it. I came up with riverwoman because back then I lived in a log house on land that bordered the Farmington River in Connecticut. And I'd spent a lot of happy hours on that river. When I left Connecticut to move to Virginia I had mixed feelings about it. I sat on the dock  on the river one day and envisioned myself as an otter, diving deep, swimming the river until it reached the Connecticut River, then the Hudson, then following the shoreline to the Chesapeake Bay. Hence, rivertothesea. 

My plan now is to use this for writing focussed on my connection to nature. I'll begin with a little story about a walk through the woods and an encounter that got my heart rate rising. And we'll see where we go from there.