Saturday, May 22, 2010

A Brief Conversation with the Vet

Note: Pee pills are a drug to address doggy incontinence. Every now and then older dogs may "leak." So Shadow is to have two Proin tablets, one morning, one evening.

Me: Thanks for calling back. I just got in from the movies and find that Shadow has taken her pill box from the counter, opened one section and eaten the two pee pills that were in there. To make matters worse I gave her one before going out this evening. She's acting just fine though.

Vet: Well, probably the worst that will happen is that she'll act like she's had too much coffee. Be a bit agitated. You may find that you're up late playing pinochle.

Me: Oh, that's a relief! I'll let you know who wins.

Vet chuckles.

Me: Though you've probably already figured out who the clever one here is.

Vet: Ummmmmmmmmmm. No. Comment.

Me: Thanks again, doc. Night.

As I got off the phone I looked at Shadow and she covered her eyes with her paws. I am looking for a higher place to put her pills where I'll still see them and remember to give them to her.